It all started with words. These words came from feelings observations, excitement and the reality of life.

I compiled Letters to the Lady over several years. It was not meant to be this way but the oldest poem in the book to the newest spans quite some time.

In between these years I grew, loved, felt pain but always wrote from a place of hope, opportunity and the wonder that is all around us.

People who read the book say it’s sensitive, others talk of colours, landscapes, smiles and the arrays of the heart.

The book is whatever YOU make of it. For me it’s a journey of life, observations and a lovely wild imagination! It’s not one of heartbreak 🙂


In 2015 I embarked on bring my poetry to life through different mediums. At first I considered art and then brought dance into the frame as well.

I directed, produced and performed in a production that featured a wonderful collaboration with Nara Walker (Fine Artist) and Natasha Hubert (Contemporary Dancer) in Covent Garden.

I told a short story through the journey of some of the poems from Letters to the Lady. 

Letters to the Lady


Roll onto 2017 and the journey continues. The experience can be explored and lived through art, sounds and now smells and relaxation.

The idea to combine my love of candles with my poetry was a natural but not obvious one. It was born through a continued longing to bring the words to people in different ways.

In truth it’s like a birth! So now we can see, hear and smell the experience.