4th July 2017

What exactly is a luxury candle?

   Hmm, it’s pretty clear right? Do we really know what luxury is? It could be subjective. The drive of the car on the left could be smooth, creamy and lush while that on the right could be hard, bumpy and raw. It doesn’t mean it’s less luxurious but the fact is first impressions count. […]

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20th February 2015

The Experience Collection

  The release of the Experience Collection of Luxury Candles by George Lamptey. The luxury range of candles symbolizes not just the beautiful scents but also lovely visual packaging. This range comprises of 3 candles; Beyond Love: Rosey and soft Sweet Honey: Rich and warm  Passion: Calm and clear These are not just candles. It’s about the experience.  

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19th February 2015

Letters to the Lady

In 2015 Letters to the Lady was released to great reviews. The show in Covent Garden included George Lamptey alongside Nara Walker (Fine Artist) and Natasha Hubert (Contemporary Dancer). Directed and produced by George Lamptey, the evening was a unique blend of poetry, acting, artistry and dance. Accompanied by beautiful flowers and cupcakes as well.

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