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What exactly is a luxury candle?

   Hmm, it’s pretty clear right? Do we really know what luxury is? It could be subjective. The drive of the car on the left could be smooth, cre...

The Experience Collection

  The release of the Experience Collection of Luxury Candles by George Lamptey. The luxury range of candles symbolizes not just the beautiful sce...

Listen to the poetry associated with the candles. George Lamptey’s voice brings alive the wonderful words and feeling within the scent and beyond.

  1. Beyond Love

    Beyond Love takes you to a place that you never knew existed. The colours are radiant yet there is an everlasting peace.

  2. Sweet Honey

    Sweet Honey. Feel the warmth that is all around you and experience the sun that comes alive within!

  3. Passion

    Passion.  The journey of the heart is a wonder for all to witness.